Simply Savvy_refill foam soap_mainMy family and I had always used typical liquid hand soap until one day, through the magic of couponing, I had the opportunity to obtain several bottles of foaming had soap for free.

Well, this foam soap was an instant hit, but after a few weeks we had used up all of the bottles I’d gotten for free, and I certainly didn’t want to BUY any more–without coupons it wasn’t exactly the cheapest stuff in the world.

But I was determined to continue to provide my family with the foaming soap they so desired.

I did a bit of research, tried several different methods, and finally settled on the easiest and most cost-effective way to refill a foaming hand soap bottle.

Simply Savvy_refill foam soap_ingredients

You’ll need 3 things to refill your foaming hand soap dispenser:

1. Liquid hand soap (I got this large Equate brand container of soap from Wal-Mart for $2.88)

2. An empty foaming hand soap dispenser (as mentioned above, I got this Dial dispenser free using coupons)

3. Warm water

Simply Savvy_refill hand soap_1tbsp

Pour 1 tablespoon of liquid soap into the empty foaming soap dispenser.

Simply Savvy_refill foam soap_water

Pour in warm water until about an inch and a half of space remains at the top, screw the pump back on, then shake well until the liquid soap is totally dispersed.

Simply Savvy_refill foam soap_foam

You may have to give it a few pumps before it comes out initially.

And you’re all done!

Like I said, I spent $2.88 on the large liquid hand soap container at Wal-Mart and I’ve been refilling my hand soap dispensers with it for over a year and it’s not even half empty.  Tons of money saved + having a way for my family to keep using their much-loved foaming hand soap = one happy girl!

Simply Savvy Blog_Jessica

Jessica D. Williams of Rock Hill, SC has experience in banking, the mortgage industry and tax consultation.  She is the Owner of Jessica DeVinney Photography and enjoys serving the Greater Charlotte, NC area—with specializations in Senior, Family, and Wedding Photography.


  1. Beth says:

    Great tips and thanks for sharing all your thrifty ideas to save money . I look forward to the next one.

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