For Father’s Day, Give the Gift of Prime

Posted: June 12, 2016 in Holidays, Household
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For sons and daughters it doesn’t take much to make dad feel special on Father’s Day.  For me, if my four-year-old daughter tells me “Happy Father’s Day” and gives me a big hug, it’s more than enough.  Couple that with one of those special Picasso-type illustrations of me working on my truck and my heart melts like Christmas fudge on an exhaust pipe.

On the other hand, self-created abstract art isn’t the best gift for every situation (perhaps, unless your last name is Braque).  For instance, when my daughter is thirty, a couple of marker lines and a Princess Sofia sticker on a piece of construction paper might not send the same message as it does now.

Furthermore, sometimes moms like to step up to the plate and get their husband a small gift to show how much they appreciate the role he plays in their child’s life.  In this case, a gift that everyone (but maybe especially dad) can enjoy may be a great approach.

Why struggle to find the perfect tool or grilling set, when you can let him pick out his own and have it shipped for free?  For this Father’s day how about give the gift of Amazon Prime.

Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime (paid link)

Free shipping, an endless supply of movies, music, and TV shows…why not?

I haven’t paid for cable or satellite service since around 2005.  I’ve always preferred movies to “regular” television.  When streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video took the stage around five years ago, I’ve never really looked back.

For watching both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix on the same television we use the Samsung BD-J5700 (paid link).

It took us a while to find a device in our price range that was capable of playing all the apps we wanted and offered both DVD and Blu-ray capability.  We’ve had a great deal of luck with the wireless networking capability of the Samsung BD-J5700 (paid link).  So if dad’s birthday is around the corner, this may be your next move.

To all the Fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day!

Jordache Williams | Atlas Concepts

Jordache Williams, of Rock Hill, South Carolina, is the Program Manager for Atlas Concepts, LLC.  He understands that sometimes a small piece of information is the difference between success and failure. His contributions to the Shop Talk blog are purposed with sharing relevant information based on his own experiences.


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