Shop Talk Carolina

What do barber shops, salons, mom-and-pop shops, nail parlors, your uncle’s garage and “the corner store” have in common?

Yes, they all sell a product or service, but beyond that…in the Carolinas these places have traditionally been connected by what they mean to their community. A place of comfort, sharing, consistency, deliberation, consulting, mentoring and that little bit of encouragement you needed to get through the day.

While nothing can replace the value of in-person, face-to-face interaction, more and more people turn to an internet search engine than they do to their neighbor. More people email than call, and we are not really sure how Hallmark is still in business.

Atlas Concepts, LLC sponsors this blog to promote a sharing of experiences, which may lead the reader to informed decisions, successful undertakings and less headaches.

Who is this blog for?

Specifically, for the DIYer, the entrepreneur and the stay-at-home professional…but realistically, anyone who enjoys learning from first-hand experiences, as well as those constantly looking for good ideas and ways to grow.

Why follow this blog?

Because, when you trade your stylist for one of the extras from I, Robot (2004), you’re going to miss those conversations, lessons and reassurance.

We welcome you to blog with us…

Email atlasconcepts@yahoo.com to get started.

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