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Young Living Lemon_Sticker Removal 001

In my continuing efforts to rid all of the chemical-filled, toxic junk out of my home, I have begun incorporating natural products into as many aspects of my family’s life as possible.

I’ve done well with cleaning up our eating habits, and even completely transformed our medicine cabinet. Now I’ve begun replacing our household cleaning products with items that are natural, are non-toxic, smell amazing, and are 100% safe for my 3-year-old to help me clean with (yay for finally getting some help!!).

Said 3-year-old is often guilty of sneaking some stickers away and mysteriously finding surfaces to stick ’em on that WILL NOT let go of them, no matter how much I pull and scrape to get them off. In the past I’ve used commercial products to remove them and, although the sticker did indeed come off, my furniture ended up being damaged in the process.

Not willing to create ANYmore ugly marks on my wood furniture, I decided to try Lemon essential oil from Young Living, and it is a Godsend…which I knew because of all of the ways I already used it…but THIS was different. My favorite part is that my total cost was $.04 to remove two stickers. That 4 cents possibly saved me:

  • The cost of repairing/refinishing damage done to my table caused by harsh chemicals of commercial products
  • The cost of replacing the table if the damage is beyond repair
  • The cost of buying a candle or knick knack to cover said damaged spots (ok…so I might have done this on occasion)
  • The headache of dealing with damaged stuff just because I wanted to get a Sesame Street sticker off of my coffee table!!

Here is step-by-step how I removed this sticker (to give you an idea of how well-stuck it was—it had been there for 2 years, during which time I have scraped & pulled at it periodically…then finally given up and accepted that it would be there permanently):

Young Living Lemon_Sticker Removal 002

Remove the top from the Lemon essential oil bottle, place my finger directly on the opening, turn the bottle over with my finger still covering the opening…this applies the equivalent of one drop of oil onto my finger. Note: you can alternatively drop 1 drop directly onto the sticker; however, my Lemon oil tends to flow very freely out of the bottle, and I knew I only needed a little bit.

Next: Rub the oil directly onto the sticker with your finger until the sticker is saturated with the oil (takes just a couple of seconds).

Young Living Lemon_Sticker Removal 003

Then: Rub the sticker with a paper towel or other soft cloth (i.e. microfiber, etc.). You may have to rub a little harder in some areas depending how stuck the sticker is.

There was still some sticky stuff remaining after this (but the sticker itself was gone), so I took the same finger I’d initially rubbed onto the sticker and rubbed the remainder of the oil onto the sticky stuff (should be just a teeny bit of oil left on your finger to do this). Then I rubbed it again with the paper towel.

Young Living Lemon_Sticker Removal 004

Ta-Da!!! It was totally gone! For the sake of visuals, in the photos I purposely left the knicks in the table so that you can see where the sticker used to be (if it weren’t for those dang marks on the table I’d never have a clue where the sticker even was).

Young Living’s Lemon essential oil is SO versatile (this is one of the oils that gets used EVERY.SINGLE.DAY in my home)…what’s your favorite way to use it?

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