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eBay is a multi-billion dollar company that employs over 30k people…it’s safe to say you’ve heard of it whether you’ve bought or sold something on the platform yourself or not.

This blog addresses the consumer side of eBay—the people who are addicted to the auction style listings, who have the app and watch the clock dwindle down to place a last-second bid, the people who comparatively check eBay before making any purchase anywhere else (yes, you who dodges the sales associate to do a quick search on your smart device), and the individuals who may occasionally use eBay to buy an item but don’t consider themselves an “eBayer”.  This blog is also for the person who is still on the fence about making purchases on the internet, whether it’s a fear of identity theft or their own technical prowess that’s holding them back.  This is a simple blog with a simple purpose.  That purpose is to eliminate the excuse you have for not leaving feedback for your purchase.

Why is Feedback Important? 

  • As a seller, positive feedback reflects a level of trust and assists the seller with expanding their services to other valuable customers.
  • As a buyer, positive feedback increases your chances to qualify to purchase items on eBay. It’s your contribution to “the system.”
  • When either the seller or buyer leaves feedback, it’s more likely that the other party will follow suit.

No Excuse

After you have received your item, log onto eBay and click “My eBay” on the top right-hand side of the menu.  Then click “Purchase history”.

eBay feedback atlas concepts

Scroll down to the item you recently purchased and click the big blue icon that says “Leave feedback”.

eBay feedback atlas concepts

If you are satisfied with the transaction, click “Positive” and add a few words to describe why you liked the transaction.  If the item arrived when it was supposed to click “Yes” and click the 5th star on all the available ratings.  Lastly, click the big blue icon again and you’re done.  eBay allows 60 days for a buyer or purchaser to leave feedback before the item is removed from buying or selling history.

ebay feedback atlas concepts

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, it’s best to contact the seller directly prior to leaving any negative feedback, to include any amount of stars less than 5.  Give the seller a chance to remedy your issue.  Sometimes, they may be able to point you to an eBay policy or a specific comment in their listing that you have overlooked.  Don’t get me wrong, when it’s warranted, negative feedback is just as important as positive feedback.  This type of feedback helps prevent potential buyers from making purchases from untrustworthy seller—just make sure that is the case before you engage in such damaging actions.

eBay makes it easy to rate your experience.  There are no untimely telemarketing phone calls, no emails cluttering your junk folder, it’s not some never-ending survey asking about your ethnicity and age…no one shows up at your door or tries to flag you down on the interstate.  It’s quick, easy, and it works.  By the way, if you don’t mind (or actually enjoy) taking surveys and have a bit of spare time, click here to learn how you can earn money by doing so.  For the rest of you, who think that surveys and ratings are a huge annoyance, I hope I’ve iterated how important it actually is and, for eBay specifically, how simple it is.  If you’re looking to get started selling or buying on ebay check out eBay For Dummies (paid link).


Jordache Williams | Atlas Concepts

Jordache Williams, of Rock Hill, South Carolina, is the Program Manager for Atlas Concepts, LLC.  He understands that sometimes a small piece of information is the difference between success and failure. His contributions to the Shop Talk blog are purposed with sharing relevant information based on his own experiences.


This post covers a topic that plays a huge role in my weekly schedule.  It’s something that, if you discipline yourself and make time to do it, can really pay off in a HUGE way. No, this is not a post about dieting or developing the perfect workout regimen. What I’m talking about is…dun-dun-dun…online surveys!!

For the record, I am a test-taker…not professionally, or for some designated research company, etc. But in general I have always enjoyed, and been decent at, tests and quizzes—both academically and personally (i.e. personality tests, “what your favorite movies say about you” quizzes, etc.).  And years ago when I initially learned of various websites who offered rewards for completing surveys I didn’t hesitate to sign up.

Some give points, some give money, some give coupons, gift cards, samples, and so on. And I was interested in them all, or at least trying them all, however skeptical I may have been.

So I began taking an online survey every single day; not always on the same site, or of the same type, but definitely every day.

Now, let’s talk real-life for just a sec, who really wants to spend 45 minutes of their life every day to answering a bunch of questions about the last watch they purchased, or which pattern you like best for preemie diapers? Simple answer…nobody! So YES I have skipped many surveys, or simply quit while taking surveys…and in some of those instances, I very well could have been only a question or two away from obtaining $2.45 in my account…but some days I just couldn’t do it.

But I have had great success with several sites that offer different types of rewards, and I wanted to share that info with others who may be interested in doing the same. In my experience, the best site for:

–>Gift cardsYale SOM elab. These surveys are administered by the Yale School of Management, and there is an application/selection process before you may begin taking their surveys. But they are worth it. Many of them are short, as in 10-15 minutes for a 1 in 40 chance to receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card. And I have indeed received quite a few gift cards from completing their surveys. Some of their surveys will offer a gift card simply for completing it; however, these are typically smaller in the dollar amount…maybe $5-$7 or so.

–>Rewards earned from accumulated points – e-rewards, mPoints, and Rewards Gold. By taking e-rewards surveys (who reward you with SOMEthing even if you don’t qualify for the full survey) I have accumulated THOUSANDS of miles in my US Airways Dividend Miles account. Granted you don’t have to cash in your points for just miles…e-rewards does offer magazines and gift cards; however, I haven’t been traveling as much as I used to, so being rewarded in miles is a great way for me to keep my Dividend Miles account active (so that none of my miles will expire).

mPoints has been great for me as far as receiving material items. For example, I received a case of wine for free as a reward for completing their surveys and viewing ads. This one was great because it took no time at all! I had been accumulating points for only several weeks before I was able to begin cashing them out for rewards. Way to keep me interested!

Rewards Gold is a free magazine site. It is as simple as signing up, filling out your information, and completing a short survey…well, MOST of them are short, but there have been a few that took a little longer.

But the thing about their surveys is that they require more text answers from you, not simply 20 multiple choice questions and done.

So if you’re a fast typist, then it’s possible to complete a survey in 5 minutes.

The best part is the reward is instant! You don’t have to spend days and weeks accumulating points before you are offered a subscription…I’m talking you hit “submit” on your survey, then you’re immediately taken to the screen to select your choice of magazine.

You are not providing ANY payment information, and these are FULL subscriptions…not trials.

Atlas Concepts LLC_Simply Savvy_Mags


The list of subscriptions my household currently receives is:

The Wall Street Journal (daily print and digital versions)

Professional Photographer Magazine

US Weekly

Family Circle

Wine Spectator

Cigar Aficionado


Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart Weddings (digital version)

Bloomberg BusinessWeek



Better Homes & Gardens



These are ALL from submitting Rewards Gold surveys.


–>Ca$h money – Opinion Place. This is survey site I’ve been using the longest. They do restrict you to one survey per week (that you qualify for), but they pay cash via Paypal.

My payouts have varied from $2.50 to $7. To ensure that you don’t forget to take advantage of their surveys, simply put a reminder in whatever calendar you use and have it as a standing appointment every week. Note: Opinion Place surveys are never very lengthy.

I’m sure that there are hundreds of survey sites that people swear by, but the ones I’ve named here are simply the ones that I have had the most experience with.  If you know of any great ones that aren’t named here, please feel free to share your experience by posting a comment.

Simply Savvy Blog_Jessica

Jessica D. Williams of Rock Hill, SC has experience in banking, the mortgage industry and tax consultation.  She is the Owner of Jessica DeVinney Photography and enjoys serving the Greater Charlotte, NC area—with specializations in Senior, Family, and Wedding Photography.